Althea Pittman – Executive Director`


Althea Pittman, the Executive Director is responsible for the management of the ESCIL’s daily operations, as well as the management and evaluation of all personnel. As the Executive Director, Ms. Pittman maintains correspondence with federal, state, and local agencies, and has served on several boards and committees, both on the local and state levels, including the Board of Directors for the Department of the Blind and Vision Impaired, to which she was appointed to serve two terms, one by each Governor Mark Warner, and Governor Tim Kaine, holding the position of Vice President of the Board, during her second term.  Ms. Pittman is an active member of the National Federation of the Blind, having previously served as the Baltimore Chapter president of the NFB as well as the Vice President for the Maryland State Affiliate during her residence in Baltimore. As a resident of Virginia, Ms. Pittman formed both the Peninsula Chapter and the Eastern Shore Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia, serving as the president of each chapter, and eventually serving as the Vice President of the Virginia State Affiliate until 2006. In 2005, Ms. Pittman was presented with the President’s Award, from the NFBV, in recognition of her dedication to improving opportunities for the blind of Virginia and the nation, and her giving spirit, commitment to purpose, and timeless advocacy. Ms. Pittman has received several awards and recognitions during her career, having been the 2003 Honoree of the Southeastern Association of Women’s and Youth Clubs, Inc., having been presented a citation by Senator Nick Rerras in recognition of the ESCIL’s new facility, and having had her name placed on the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama. Ms. Pittman has served as the Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Center for Independent Living for more than 17 years.